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Andrea Milde




Since 1986
born in Ennepetal, Germany.

After finishing school ....

.... she travelled through México and Guatemala.

She received her technical education
in the Ecole d'Art Decoratif d'Aubusson (Aubusson, France).

she lives and works in Madrid (Spain).
The Cage
October 1989

The first exhibition, on the occasion of the symposium 'School Education and Textile Art ', organized by the Federal Association of Textile Art Teachers in Loccum(Germany).
1992-1994 Participation in the Touring Exhibition
ITNET 2, inaugurated in 
The Textil Museum Washington
The exhibit was also shown at:
The Mitchell Museum (Illinois)
The Philarmonic Center of the Arts (Florida)
Fine Arts Center at Cheekwood
The Headley-Whitney Museum (Lexington)
The Canadian Craft Museum (Vancouver, Canada)
The Anchorage Museum of History and Art (Anchorage, Alaska).
May 1993 Participation in the Textile-Art-Exhibition
White Nights, at the Marble Palace, in
St. Petersburg (Russia).
The Camera


April 1995 Solo exhibition at the Cultural Center
' Puerta de Toledo',
Madrid (Spain).
November 1995 Solo exhibition at the 
House of Arts, San Lorenzo de El Escorial (Madrid, Spain).
Decembre 1995 Participation in the award 
"El Ojo Crítico '95" confered by 
RNE (the spanish national broadcasting company); finalist in the area of fine arts.
July - Sept.  1996 Participation in the "2. Festival International de la Tapisserie et la Biennale de la Tapisserie Contemporaine"
in Beauvais (France).
June-July 1997 Solo exhibition
"Die ersten 10 Jahre"

at the Textilmuseum Neumünster (Germany).
A Glance

After ten years...
The Bench
Dec. 97-Jan. 98 'Tapices'. Solo exhibition at the Goethe-Institut, Madrid (Spain) in colaboration with the german embassy.
July 1999 Participation in the 15. International
Textile-Art Symposium,
in Graz (Austria).
March-April 2000 Participation in the International Exhibit
of Textile Art "Trame d'Autore",
in Chieri (Italy).
March 2000 Participation in the  International Exhibit of Contemporary Textile Sculptures in the Florida Museum of Hispanic and Latin American Art (USA).
The Mirror
March-May 2001 Participation in KÁRPIT, an international millennial contemporary exhibition
at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary.
September 2001 "Bildteppiche/01". Solo exhibition at the Diplomatic School  of the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, in Bonn, Germany.
November 2002-
November 2004
Participation in the 4. Edition of the  International Exhibition of  Contemporary Art "Flexible 4 -Identities", inaugurated at the Whithworth Art Gallery,
The University of Manchester, England, touring to the Dutch Textil  Museum, Tilburg, Netherlands, the Kunsthalle Brandts Klaederfabrik, Odense, Denmark,  and the Landesgalerie am Oberösterreichischen
Landesmuseum, Linz, Austria.

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Member of ETN, the European Textile Network.

Sporadic colaboration with journals and magazines specialized in textile art.

Participation in seminars, meetings and forums about textile art.

Lectures about textile art. "Approaching towards tapestry" - a brief survey of  textile art in history.
The Mouse
Some notes
 Textilforum 3/90 “Tapisserie”
“Strömungen der zeitgenössischen Tapisserie”. B. Sterk

International Tapestry Network

Fall Issue 1993, Vol. 4, No. 3

“Wight Nights Musing”. Soyoo Hyunjoo Park, USA.

1/98, March 1998
“Andrea Milde. Tapices”. Javier Tolentino

Textilkunst international, 26 Jahrg. März 1998 Heft 1.
Bildwebereien von Andrea Milde. Javier Tolentino

Textilforum 1/2002, March 2002

„Die Sieben Marien der Andrea Milde“. B.Sterk

Issue 00 May/June 04
„Flexible 4: Identities“. Jo Saunder
The Arm
The Caterpillars                                                         Vorwärtsampelmann